Pemba Island

Eastern Tanzania
Pemba Island


Pemba Island is a small, rural island located 40km north of Zanzibar. Unlike Zanzibar, which is fairly flat, Pemba is covered in scenic escarpments and green hills that grow a wide variety of mangoes and several hundred clove trees.

Pemba commonly referred to as the “Island of Spice” is encircled by a beautiful coral reef and serene blue seas. The island’s shores are bordered by rich mangrove forests and a small ecosystem.

Compared to its neighboring island, Pemba is untouched. It offers a limited number of luxury lodges and the majority of tourists visit the island solely for the purpose of diving and snorkeling.


Pemba is quickly becoming Tanzania’s top destination for snorkeling. Thousands of tourists visit the island every year to explore its surrounding coral reef.

Between Pemba and mainland Tanzania lays the Pemba Channel. It has depths exceeding 2000m and is known for being home to large fish like tuna, barracuda, sharks, and whales.

The currents are strong so first-time divers might struggle but for more seasoned divers, the channel is an absolute delight!

Flights to Pemba Island

Pemba Island is easily accessible. Every day two flights go from Zanzibar to Pemba, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Because of how simple it is to travel back and forth from Pemba, tourists can easily spend a night or two on the island when visiting Zanzibar.

The best time to visit Pemba Island

Because diving and snorkeling are the main things to do in Pemba, it’s best to visit the island during the dry season (July-October).

There are a few showers in November sometimes but usually, the weather is great until the end of March. Avoid going to Pemba during April and May; it’s during this period when Pemba expects heavy rainfall. Also, the lodges are usually closed in the rainy season.

There are a limited number of hotels and luxury lodges in Pemba. If you are planning to stay a couple of nights on the island, be sure to book well in advance.

Destination Highlights
  • Activity: Beach,Diving,Stranding
  • Location: Eastern Tanzania.
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