We highly recommend that you consult with your physician or a travel medical doctor for advice several months in advance of your trip as you may need a series of vaccinations. Please ensure that you indicate that you will be traveling to Tanzania on safari. Your doctor will be able to suggest which vaccinations and medications are advisable. Anti-malarial medication is strongly recommended and should be discussed during your doctor’s visit. All vaccinations are voluntary for entry into Tanzania except for the Yellow Fever vaccination. If you are entering Tanzania from a Yellow Fever infected country such as Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, or Rwanda, you will be required to show a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate upon arrival in Tanzania. Please ensure you carry this Certificate with your passport. If you are entering Tanzania from Europe, you will not be required to show a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate.

If you are coming from North America or Europe, we recommend flying KLM to Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) Air France, British Airways, Kenya Airways via Nairobi, Turkish Airlines via Turkey, or Qatar Airlines via the Middle East. If you are coming from China, we recommend flying Ethiopian Air to Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO). If you are planning a visit to Zanzibar after your safari, we recommend that you either (i) arrange your flight so that you arrive at JRO and depart through Dar Es Salaam International Airport (DAR) or consider entering into Tanzania through DAR and then take a connecting flight to JRO to start your safari. Zanzibar flights are available from Kilimanjaro Airport and Arusha Airport and also from various locations in the Serengeti. The flight between JRO and DAR is approximately about one hour. Please confirm all international flights and seating before departure.

Tourist visas can be obtained upon arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport or Dar Es Salaam International Airport by simply filling out an entry form (provided during your flight) and paying the visa fee. Please ensure you have two blank pages in your passport and that your passport does not expire within six months of your arrival date. The tourist visa fee is US$50 except for the following citizens: Pakistan (US$ 200), USA (US$100)

Though the national language and primary means of communication in the region are Swahili, English is also widely spoken and understood. This is particularly so in the more tourist-friendly regions however it may help to carry a pocket translation book for emergencies!

Although the currency in Tanzania is the Tanzania Shilling (Tsh), the U.S. dollar is widely accepted. However please note that for larger U.S. dollar denominations ($20, $50, and $100), only bills issued after 2006 will be accepted in Tanzania due to counterfeiting and fraud. Major credit cards are accepted at larger safari lodges, and major souvenir shops and larger tourist towns offer ATM bank machines where you can withdraw cash using your bank card or credit card. Please note that ATM bank machines only dispense Tanzanian shillings. Please note that some lodges may not have visa facilities for payment. Traveler’s cheques are hard to cash and not recommended.